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10 Best Gig Jobs

You’ve probably heard a lot recently about the rise of the “gig workforce” or “on-demand economy”. There are millions of people who work as freelancers, either for themselves or for companies that provide a platform through which they can be assigned work and get paid. Many of these people work one or more “gigs” instead of having a full time job with an employer. Others use these services – most of which are mobile and web based – to supplement the income from their regular job or to provide a little extra during retirement. In many cases the pay can be quite good and you have complete control over which and how many hours you work.

Here are ten of the best gig jobs available and the ranges of what you can expect to earn.

1) Uber

Uber is a service that matches people looking for a ride with drivers willing to take them where they want to go. The rider summons the driver with a smartphone app and the cost of the ride is automatically billed to the rider’s credit card, with the driver receiving approximately 80% of the fare.
Earnings Range: $15.00-$25.00/hour for UberX (economy service) / $20.00-$50.00/hour for Uber (black car service)

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