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Top 10 Marketing Tricks People Fall For


9) For Profit and Online Colleges

What It Is Colleges and Universities, with legitimate sounding names, that usually provide courses online and offer degree programs that cost as much and sometimes more than legitimate state and private universities. They have virtually no admissions standards other than your ability to pay their often exorbitant bills.

How It Works and Why It’s a Trick – These colleges often spend millions of dollars on marketing and recruiting, and pay telemarketing reps a commission for every new student they sign up. Additionally, they work closely with shady financial institutions to provide students easy access to loans so they can afford tuition. The graduation rates are abysmally low and the job prospects are terrible. Any corporate recruiter will tell you they give no value to these degrees and would much prefer someone with a degree from a community college or with no degree but valuable experience.

How To Protect Yourself Do your research and don’t give in to aggressive sales tactics. There’s plenty of information online about these types of colleges.

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