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10 Ways to Save Extra Money Every Month

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Having a hard time paying those bills? Have you recently been laid off and are looking for ways to cut corners? Are you struggling to afford your monthly expenses? If so, why not consider saving a little extra money every month? While it may seem impossible, saving money is actually pretty easy. To understand how, here are 10 ways which can help you save extra money every month:

10. Eat Out Less

Recent studies show the average US household spends approximately 5.5% of their monthly income on dining out. This means that on an average each household spends nearly $176 each month on eating out. While it may seem impossible to not eat out at least once or twice a month, especially if you have to host someone for dinner, consider planning something at home. This way, you can save up to $35 each month, which means savings of $420 every year.

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