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20 Best Tips For Costco Shoppers

Costco is a truly amazing store. There’s no other place that’s a one-stop-shop for fish, tires, sweaters and living room furniture. Their variety, pricing and quality are among the best you’ll find anywhere. Follow these 20 guidelines to being a Costco power shopper and save even more money every time you go.

1) Secret Costco Pricing Codes

Costco has a secret system for pricing their products which indicate how good a bargain you’re getting. By knowing these codes, you can maximize your savings. Prices ending in $.97 have been marked down from their original price; prices ending in $.49, $.79 or $.89 are specially discounted due to an arrangement between Costco and the manufacturer; an asterisk indicates it’s an item Costco will no longer by carrying; prices ending in $.88 or $.00 have been specially marked down to sell faster.

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