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7 Things to Know About a Variable Annuity


When it comes to saving for the future, there is much concern about how much to invest, what to invest in, and how long to keep an investment. While these are just a few examples of how retirement and saving for the future can be a choice in which much thought is needed, there are some less risky options for spending your money for the future. While there is never any real guarantee when it comes to making money, there are options you can try when it comes to saving for the future. An annuity is a reasonable choice for saving for the future, putting money away for a time when it is needed, and for retirement funds. Listed below are seven things you ought to know about a variable annuity and how it can affect your life.

1. Steady Income.

Every individual who is planning for retirement is definitely thinking about what income they will have and how long it will last. It is unreasonable to expect a large lump sum every single month from social security in your retirement years so having a good source of income is of top priority. An annuity can be a great source of monthly, yearly, or every three months so consider taking a look into how an annuity can work for you. As with any investment you make, you want to make sure that you research your investment option thoroughly, so that you can make an informed decision on the annuity. A financial planner can help steer you in the right direction and can help to assess your financial situation in the long term.

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