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7 Things to Know About a Variable Annuity


4. Take Some of your Risk Away.

Ever since the financial crisis seen in the late 2000s, there has been some concern as to how much one should invest, since the risk ever since then has been high. Even though many investors seemingly have been walking on egg shells when it comes to making risks, much of their financial gain has diminished as a result. This is not to say that you should invest all of your savings into something risky, but it does suggest that making gains of around seven percent is within your grasp. With a variable annuity, you can make amazing gains of six or even seven percent every year, and the best part as described before is there is no limit on how much you can invest. This is the benefit of a high risk yield combined with low risk results and the end result is that you have extra income for your golden years. Discuss any questions and concerns you may have with your tax professional or your financial advisor so that you can make informed decisions on your savings future.

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