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8 Most Common Tax Deductions

Tax deductions–two words that taxpayers like to hear when filing their tax returns. While there are many tax deductions that can be claimed, there are a few tax deductions that are most commonly claimed. Here, we will talk about the 8 most common tax deductions that taxpayers claim. Commonly claimed tax deductions differ for taxpayers who claim dependents and for ...

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8 Common Tax Mistakes People Make That Cost Them Money

Owing taxes is one thing, but when there are penalties and interest tacked on due to errors that could have been avoided, that’s painful. To save money, some people prefer to prepare their own taxes. If you know what you’re doing, that’s great; however, if you don’t, you could make costly errors. 8 common tax mistakes people make that cost ...

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9 Most Common Overlooked Tax Deductions

What is a tax deduction? A tax deduction is an expense that can be deducted from income on a person’s tax return. Sure, there are the common deductions that taxpayers claim, but there are also tax deductions that are often overlooked. These deductions are overlooked because in many cases, taxpayers are not aware that these tax deductions even exist. Yes, ...

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9 Tax Changes That You Need to Know for 2015

Death and taxes are seemingly the only two certainties in life. The forever changing tax laws, based on past history, is another certainty. Every year there are changes in the tax law. New tax changes take effect, while others expire. It’s no wonder that the average taxpayer gets frazzled when it comes to dealing with tax matters. Due to the ...

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9 States with the Lowest Taxes

Most states have increased their sales tax in the past few years. Although it is still debatable whether the economy has fared well due to the increased taxes, one thing is certain that it has caused massive financial problems for most Americans. US consumers who were already under great strain due to mounting debt problems are facing it difficult to ...

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10 End of Year Tax Moves to Save Money

The time for tax filing is a few months away, yet you still have ample time at hand to implement tax savvy strategies that can save you money and stress when the tax deadline approaches. If you start planning, you may be able to reduce your tax bill – the key is just how soon you start with tax saving ...

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