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Richest (and Poorest) 2016 Presidential Candidates

 Photo by Joseph Sohm, via

Photo by Joseph Sohm, via

Most (but clearly not all) Presidential candidates try to portray themselves as typical, middle class people, just like you and me.  We know the reality is much different – almost all of these candidates are multi-millionaires and one is a multi-billionaire. In contrast, the average net worth of an American household is $85,000. We’ve researched the candidates’ financial disclosure documents as well as other publicly available information to calculate each one’s net worth and have ranked them from lowest to highest:

15) Bernie Sanders (D)

The Senator from Vermont is a life long Socialist (“Democratic Socialist as he’d remind you) who has given Hillary Clinton, the front-runner, a legitimate challenge. He speaks to packed arenas around the country, is very popular in his native state and is polling ahead of Clinton in some state primaries. He’s also managed to build a nice (relatively) little nest egg for himself. His net worth of $700,000 is pretty good for a Socialist.



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