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Richest (and Poorest) 2016 Presidential Candidates

 Photo by A Katz, via

Photo by A Katz, via

1) Donald Trump (R)

Donald Trump wants you to know that he’s worth $10 billion (even though Forbes Magazine estimates his net worth as closer to $4 billion). His father was a successful real estate developer i the outer boroughs of New York City. Trump joined his father shortly after graduating Wharton and soon took on much bigger, bolder project than his father ever would have. Over the years he’s built many residential buildings, hotels and casinos – most of which bear his name. He was also the host of the successful reality TV show The Apprentice and its spin-off Celebrity Apprentice. His net worth makes him one of the wealthiest people in the United States and he is by far the wealthiest person in the Presidential race.



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